You have your brand and you know who you are. Next comes making sure that your brand is seen consistently upon all touch points. I will work with you to create campaigns that make sure your brand shines.


1. Content Creation

Creating compelling content to share with your clients builds influence, engagement and advocacy for your brand, products, and services. I can help effectively integrate campaigns that are optimized for context and can be used across social media platforms, news media outlets+press releases, blogs, email campaigns, printed pieces (postcards, posters), and special events.

2. Social Media Management

It’s not always easy to establish and maintain your business social media presence. In fact, it can be challenging to find the hours or the know-how to make it happen. I can develop a strategy for your social media platforms that will help you successfully generate brand awareness, drive more leads to your website, and build customer loyalty.

3. Design + Layout Services

Everything you do should wholly represent your brand. Your marketing proposal needs to promote your creativity, professionalism, and skills. It deserves more than just attaching a black-and-white document to an email and simply waiting for the next move. I can help you take your proposals to the next level.